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Nathan Hopper

Working with Robyn and Intelligent Pensions is absolutely a pleasure; it’s very easy and straightforward.

Nathan Hopper

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Hello, my name is Nathan Hopper. I've been a client of Intelligent Pensions for about six years, and I deal with a client adviser by the name of Robyn Caffell.

Intelligent Pensions were recommended to me by another independent financial adviser who had a history of working with the organisation.

My aspirations after talking with Intelligent Pensions were really about visibility and long-term planning. Something that, with my previous pension, wasn't fantastic.

My first interaction with Intelligent Pensions was with Robyn. A meeting was arranged by my financial adviser, and from the minute I first met Robyn, I felt confident in her abilities. She was extremely professional and spoke really clearly and in a manner that I was able to comprehend.

The best part about working with Robyn, for me, is just the pure professionalism there. I know that I don't need to be reaching out; I currently have an annual review, during which Robyn is so professional in the way that that review is delivered, and so informative. I almost reached the end of that meeting with no questions to ask, which for me is actually quite unusual. I normally have loads of questions to ask following any meeting with anybody, but that's just not the case with Robyn at all.

Working with Robyn and Intelligent Pensions is absolutely a pleasure; it’s very easy and straightforward; nothing feels like too much trouble, and over and above everything else, for me, it's that long-term confidence, and I feel really content and safe.

Since working with Robyn, I definitely feel more comfortable with my future financial planning. One of the things that has been very useful is to see some key performance indicators in terms of where my money is, how the fund is performing, how that pans out long term, and actually painting a picture of my retirement, which, for all of us, I think is absolutely critical.

The three words that I would use to describe dealing with Robyn and Intelligent Pensions would be, first and foremost, professional, approachable, and a word I can't fail to use is knowledgeable.

The best bit of advice that I've been given since working with Intelligent Pensions and Robyn is to trust in the process. Even when the market isn't perhaps performing as we would hope, it's proven in the long-term results.

Without hesitation, I would recommend Intelligent Pensions. From personal experience, working with a financial organisation that offers so much clarity and professionalism has been a breath of fresh air for me, and as a result, I've recommended their services to many friends and associates.

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The three words I would use to describe Intelligent Pensions would be open, listening, and reliable.

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