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Our fees

How we deliver significant value

Our holistic financial planning service lies at the heart of everything we do. As a new client, you can expect to be taken through every stage of the journey and finish with peace of mind and clarity that your finances are being taken care of. You can’t put a price on this feeling.

We want to be open, honest and transparent in the way we deal with you, so we have decided to display our fees on our website. Our charges are split into an initial fee that covers the analysis of your current circumstances, our report and recommendations and the implementation of our recommended strategy, and an ongoing fee for the continued management of your plan.

We will always explain our fees in good time before we provide our service.


Initial Fee

Our initial fee covers all the work involved to produce and implement our advice.

This includes:

  • Data gathering to obtain relevant personal and financial information
  • Research to gather and analyse information regarding your existing pensions and investments
  • Liaising with the relevant product providers
  • Building your financial plan
  • Issuing you with our report and recommendations
  • Implementing our recommendations.

We charge on a tiered basis:

Amount invested
Our charge

First £300,000

1.5% (minimum fee £1,500)

£300,000 – £1 million


Excess over £1 million

0.5% (maximum fee £15,000)

Example 1

Anne has an existing plan(s) with a combined value of £500,000. Our charge is 1.5% of the first £300,000 (£4,500), plus 1% of the next £200,000 (£2,000).

Our total charge is therefore £6,500, which is 1.3% of the investment amount.

Example 2

Brian has an existing plan(s) with a combined value of £90,000. Our charge for advice would normally be 1.5% of £90,000 = £1,350.

However, this is less than our minimum fee, so a fee of £1,500 will apply. This equates to 1.67% of the investment amount.

We are not VAT registered, therefore we do not charge VAT.

Ongoing Fee

Where appropriate, we will continue to provide ongoing advice and we strongly recommend this service to all clients. We conduct annual reviews to identify any changes in your circumstances and will take any necessary actions to keep your plans on track.

We offer three ongoing service levels for you to choose from:


This is best suited for clients who would like us to carry out regular reviews without the collaboration of another adviser. This would suit those who want to benefit from our ongoing investment management. This service is subject to a minimum fee of £1,000 per year.

Assets under management
Ongoing fee per year

First £300,000


£300,000 – £1 million


Excess over £1 million


Premier Partnership

This is our collaboration planning service where we carry out regular reviews in conjunction with another professional adviser. This suits those who have a good relationship with another financial adviser, which will be enhanced by our specialist retirement service. This service is subject to a minimum fee of £1,150 per year.

Assets under management
Ongoing fee per year

First £300,000


£300,000 – £1 million


Excess over £1 million


Premier Lite

This is suitable for clients who would like their investments to be regularly rebalanced but do not require an annual review. This would suit those who are in the early stages of saving or in the latter stages of retirement and have limited remaining funds. For this service, all assets are charged at 0.5% per annum (0.6% if taking an income), subject to a minimum fee of £500 (£600 if taking an income) per year.

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Working with Robyn and Intelligent Pensions is absolutely a pleasure; it’s very easy and straightforward.

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The three words I would use to describe Intelligent Pensions would be open, listening, and reliable.

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