Approaching retirement

I have now been retired for just over a year, and I have no financial worries whatsoever.

Neil Scott

Let’s plan your future, together

Everyone deserves a retirement that brings freedom and security. As you get closer to stepping away from your career, you want to be certain that you’re making the right choices. After all, you’ve earned it.

Pensions are complicated, so getting the right advice is paramount. Having a plan in place creates confidence. It establishes how and when you will retire, gives you clarity about how much you’ll need, and makes you feel more prepared for what lies ahead.

You might have various existing pensions and investments that need organising. Or perhaps you want clarification about whether you can help your children financially over the coming years. Whatever your worries are, you don’t have to keep them to yourself.


People often ask us

When can I retire?

With the right understanding of your circumstances and goals, we will work together with the aid of cashflow modelling to show you when you can afford to retire.

Am I saving enough?

Once we understand your goals, we will look at your pensions, savings and any investments to see whether they are on track and make recommendations from there.

What will retirement look like?

We will be there to help you visualise the retirement you’d like to live. We will establish how much money you will need to deliver this lifestyle and deliver a plan to help you achieve it.

How do I best utilise my pensions?

Our team of retirement specialists will review your existing pension arrangements to determine when you can retire or whether you need to save more. We will also review your arrangements against other solutions in the market to ensure you get the best outcome.

Solving your problems

Planning for your retirement is where cashflow modelling comes into its own. Your options will appear right in front of your eyes, and you can establish when and how you retire.

It doesn’t end after we build and implement your plan. Through our ongoing service, we will continue to check that you are making the most of your pension as you head into retirement.

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