Starting your financial plan

The three words I would use to describe Intelligent Pensions would be open, listening, and reliable.

Lindsey Corben

Paving the way

The roadmap to a secure financial future is different for everyone. However, we must all do one thing to make sure we get there: plan ahead.

Before you can build a future, you must first envision it. What does a secure life look like to you? How do you imagine your family’s future?

You are doing well in your career and personal life, and by all outward appearances, you have everything under control. However, your pensions, investments and savings have fallen by the wayside. You need someone to take control of this aspect of your life and lead you on a path to financial security.


People often ask us

Are my pension savings on track?

This is a question everyone wants to know the answer to. We must first understand your objectives before we can assess if your savings are on track. We can help you plan and will make recommendations to get you to where you want to be.

Am I paying too much tax?

You want to ensure that more of your money ends up in your hands and for your benefit. We legitimately find ways to reduce your tax bill now and in the future, and we make sure you are not missing any tax planning opportunities.

What should I do with my inheritance?

If you’ve recently been handed a large sum of money, you may be wondering how best to use it. By understanding your goals and circumstances, we will offer recommendations that will positively impact your financial future.

How do I plan for my family’s future?

They are the most important thing in your world, so you’ll go to great lengths to do what’s best for your family. We’ll help you set goals and provide peace of mind that everyone will be looked after for a long time.

Solving your problems

We will help you right now and also be there when you need us in the future. The advice we provide is personalised to you and your family’s needs.

We protect your wealth and hold your hand during any unforeseen circumstances, and we will manage your financial arrangements over a long period of time. This peace of mind makes a real difference when you’ve got a lot on your plate.

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