Below are a couple of business updates for your attention and a more light-hearted look at some of the holidays our team have been enjoying.

Latest Client Agreement

We will shortly be sending you a copy of our latest Client Agreement, including our T&Cs, either via your client portal or by email.

This is for your information, and no action is required on your part.

We will be highlighting a change to our cash/income management process that we will be implementing with immediate effect.

Please look out for the email or portal notification and let us know if you have any questions.

Supporting “Vulnerability”

At Intelligent Pensions, we are committed to providing the best possible support to all our clients.

We understand that personal circumstances can sometimes make certain aspects of life more challenging. If you are experiencing any situation that makes you feel vulnerable, we would like to offer our assistance.

Being “vulnerable” is not a reflection on anyone as an individual, it just means that for one reason or another, you might find it hard to make key financial decisions and would benefit from some additional support. This could be due to physical condition or a life event such as divorce or bereavement, and it could be temporary or a permanent condition.

If you find yourself in this situation, please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything specific we can do to support you. Whether it involves adjusting our services, providing additional resources, or simply offering a listening ear, we are here to help.

Your well-being is important to us, and we aim to ensure that our services are accessible and accommodating to everyone.

To discuss further, please contact your financial planner or a member of our team on 0141-226-1710. Alternatively, you can email us at

Team holidays

This month, several of the Intelligent Pensions team have enjoyed an early summer holiday.

Robyn, Donald, Simon, and Andy, have all taken a well-deserved break from their busy working lives to spend precious time with their loved ones.

Robyn Caffell (financial planner in the South West) jetted off to Thessaloniki with her husband

Robyn and her husband Ian recently enjoyed an amazing week in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city.

They spent their time strolling through the charming streets and taking in the sights. The city is packed with history, culture, and incredible architecture.

A particular highlight was exploring the 4th-century Rotunda, which is the oldest church in the country.

They also loved spending time in the vibrant Ladadika district, where they were spoilt for choice by the many tavernas, bistros, museums, and bars that lined the pretty cobbled streets.

Indeed, Thessaloniki’s culinary delights were a big hit with Robyn and Ian. They sampled a wide range of local dishes, including deliciously fresh Greek salads, courgette fritters and tzatziki.

“This holiday was a perfect blend of ancient history and modern energy”, said Robyn.

Donald Matheson (IT and systems manager) and his wife Annabelle toured the US in style

Donald and his wife Annabelle had the trip of a lifetime in the US.

The couple kicked off a jam-packed tour with a visit to The Big Apple, where they checked out all the major must-see tourist sights.

New York City is an incredible place with so much to see and do. Donald and Annabelle loved every minute of their time there and hope to return one day.

Their next stop was San Francisco, where they walked across the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Fortunately, the mist stayed away, and the sun shone, allowing for a cracking selfie (see above).

The final stage of the tour was a road trip to La Jolla in San Diego, stopping off at Sonoma in the heart of California’s Wine Country and then Palm Springs, en route.

Donald said, “It was a wonderful experience, which included a great variety of scenery. Yosemite National Park was amazing!”

Simon Wateridge (financial planner on the South Coast) enjoyed some time with his partner in Glasgow

Simon and his partner Leigh loved having some quality time together (daughter-free!) in Glasgow, the home of Intelligent Pensions.

They spent time exploring the leafy West End and the historic city centre, which is full of fascinating architecture.

A highlight was visiting Glasgow University, which Simon found “absolutely stunning”!

After plenty of walking, the couple decided to hop on an open-top bus tour to take in the rest of the city’s sights.

Fortunately, the Scottish weather was kind to Simon and Leigh, although it was rather breezy!

Andy Pennie (Director) and his wife Julia went on a magnificent driving tour of Northern Spain

Andy and Julia recently travelled to Northern Spain where they took an incredible road trip through San Sebastian, Santander and the Rioja region.

The scenery was stunning, and the couple certainly made the most of the sandy beaches, fantastic local cuisine, and of course the wine.

The weather was a mercifully far cry from the current UK summer. Indeed, a healthy dose of sun cream and a hat were daily essentials.

A bonus was the magnificent “Spanish Paradores” the couple stayed in. These state-run hotels have been converted from important historic buildings. The couple were lucky enough to sleep in a former castle and a palace!

Andy says he “would highly recommend a visit”.

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